About Me


Hey there! My name is Cassie (she/her). I grew up in Helena, MT, went to college in Missoula, MT, and now live and work in Butte, MT.

I’ve been creating art my whole life, but started taking it more seriously a couple of years ago. I worked at a bar and had the chance to have an art show there, and sold much more than what I was expecting. This show happened at the beginning of the pandemic and gave me the confidence to make it my full time gig. So far it’s been good to me!

My work is largely inspired by textile design, interior design, and a love of pattern. Much of my work the past few years has been playing with patterns as a form of shading and movement. I’ve recently been using pen and ink + acrylic paint + gold leaf on beautifully crafted handmade birchwood canvases made by my dad, Sam. I make everything by hand with the intention to not overproduce. I've recently began making silkscreen prints as well, and am excited to keep practicing and perfecting my printmaking skills.   

My goal is to create artwork that sparks memories of familiar places and will look lovely in a variety of homes. I love hearing people’s unique ties to different mountain peaks and ranges. If you have a special story, I’d love to hear it! I have a shop of peaks you can choose from, and also offer commissioned pieces. 

Thanks for being here!

Exhibitions/ Events 

Solo Shows

2022 - “Gold” - The Dram Shop - Missoula, MT

2021 - “Glacier” - The Dram Shop - Missoula, MT

2021 - “Mountains of Montana” - Western Cider - Missoula, MT

2021 - “National Parks” - The Dram Shop - Missoula, MT

2020 - “Home” - The Dram Shop - Missoula, MT 

2020 - “Panic Attacks” - The General Public - Missoula, MT

2020 - “Combo” - Butterfly Herbs - Missoula, MT

2019 - “untitled” - The Dixon Mercantile - Dixon, MT

2019 - “untitled” - Big Dipper Helena - Helena, MT

2019 - “May Flowers” - Clyde Coffee - Missoula, MT

2018 - “ppl w/smartphones” - Zootown Brew - Missoula, MT


Group Shows

2021 - “HOME”- 1+1=1 Gallery - Helena, MT

2020 - “untitled” - Evergreen Clothing - Bozeman, MT

2020 - “untitled” - Ten Mile Creek Brewery - Helena, MT

2019 - “untitled” - Higherground Brewery - Hamilton, MT


Craft Fairs/ Pop Up Events/ Fundraiser Events

2021 - Missoula holiday MADE FAIR - Missoula, MT

2021 - Biome Anniversary Party - Bozeman, MT

2021 - Missoula summer MADE FAIR - Missoula, MT

2021 - Western Cider Dear Mama - Missoula, MT

2020 - Biome Art Night - Bozeman, MT

2019 - Missoula holiday MADE fair - Missoula, MT

2019 - Helena holiday MADE fair - Helena, MT

2019 - Bozeman Holiday MADE fair - Bozeman, MT

2019 - Draught Works Mother’s Day - Missoula, MT



September 2nd, 2022 - First Friday at The Dram Shop - Missoula, MT

October 21st, 2022 - Home Resource Auction - Missoula, MT

December 11th, 2022 - Holiday MADE Fair - Missoula, MT


You can find my work at:

Showroom - Missoula, MT

Biome - Bozeman, MT

Handmade MT - Polson, MT


2022 - The Wren Hotel - image design for bathroom walls - Missoula, MT
2022 - Showdown Ski Resort - original drawing of ski hill - White Sulphur Springs, MT

2019 - Missoula Avalanche - poster design 

2019 - Odd Pitch Brewery - t-shirt and glassware design

2017 - Drum Coffee - designed and screen printed over 5,000 punch cards